June is National Dairy Month!

Becker Transport & Aggregate salutes our valued area dairy farmers! We salute your never ending commitment and appreciate all of the hard work our area family dairy farmers put in year round!

Got milk?

​Milk is the only food that you can survive on alone. It has every nutrient you need.

​The world loves milk

​The world’s population consumes over 2.1 billion liters every day. That’s enough to fill up 813 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

​Cows have friends

​Dairy cows are social animals. Like people, they will make friends and bond with some, while avoiding others.

​Cows can produce a ton of milk

​A cow turns grass into milk within two to three days. Depending on the breed, a cow can make between 25 and 40 liters of milk per day.






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