Earlier this week, we took some time to recognize the Ladies of Becker Transport & Aggregate.

Meet the Ladies of Becker Transport & Aggregate!

Jodi Becker.

Kim Mathews.

Angie Weaver.

Sarah Wolff.

Theresa Becker.

Lauren Becker.

These fine ladies are ALL a vital part of our company, and together they define commitment and teamwork! Today we salute them on International Women’s Day! And we thank them each for their contributions they make to our company, we no doubt are better because of each of them! Thank You ladies from all of us here at Becker Transport & Aggregate

Angie Weaver
Kim Mathews and Jodi Becker
Sarah Wolff
Sarah Wolff

Lauren Becker
Theresa Becker (And Chuck Becker)



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